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My string of pearls when I check the soil it is saying its moist. But I have some of the pearls that are deflated. Should I water?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
i just got mine a few months ago so im not sure if this is right but try letting the soil dry in between waterings and try watering from the bottom every 14 days
Do you water from the top or the bottom? Is there good drainage in the pot? Is it root bound or have compressed soil? If the pot has good drainage- which is a must for #StringOfPearls then maybe bottom watering- or atleast have the pot temporarily sit in a vessel and water from the top, letting the pot drain into the vessel and reobsorb through the drainage holes to bottom water. If it’s rootbound maybe repot? If the soil is compressed you and try gently squeezing the pot if it is a nursery or similar- or take like tooth picks and poke holes in the soil. If all else fails- check to see if the roots are no good. They can be finicky at times ! Hope this was helpful❀️
Possibly time for repot?? The roots look like they don't have room.
I had bottom watered since I got the SOP. Its a nursery pot so it has good drainage.
@plantlady100 yep looks like she needs to upsize in pots :) good luck! I just got my first string of dolphins and I’m scared lol
Do they like direct sunlight or indirect?????
@Crissnell42 I have come to find out that they like morning sunlight because its not as strong then indirect sunlight in the afternoons.
@plantlady100 so window is good not outside

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