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I think my FLF is underwatered πŸ€”
When I first moved here she took off, going from North Facing windows to South Facing. But in the last several weeks, while all my other plants have been growing like crazy, she slowed right down. And seems determinded to become top heavy. I got her over a year ago, and potted in terracotta out of an abundance of caution. But Im sort of wondering if she’s chronically dry. Droops easily, and retains so little moisture that the soil is bone dry just a couple days after watering. She also sits on a pebble tray.

Maybe a soil refresh or a less permeable pot would help?
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
@RJG as the #FicusKing Im gonna need your esteemed opinion on this one !
If it's dry then water more often is the best I can give yah. For example. Last summer, in a glazed clay pot FLF BOI was getting 2.5 cups A DAY.

You can also try topping it with sphagnum moss to help slow evaporation losses. You can see it topping all my ficus!
@RJG what do you think of repotting? Or still too early?
How long has it been in this pot?
@RJG a year and a couple months. Ish

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