Posted 1M ago by @ElatedNikaupalm

My plant’s leaf is turning yellow. What should I do?

10ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hello, may I see a picture of the plant, and the yellow leaf?
@Perkatory Here’s my plant that I just bought.
Yellowing usually means overwatering. Could that be the case? Is the soil too moist?
Looks like it might be from overwatering! I'd give it some extra time to dry out before watering again and either water less or space out watering days slightly more! Also is 10ft from sunlight good for this plant? I genuinely don't know, but thought it was worth bringing up in case it's q factor!!
Try watering from the bottom let the water settle for 15 minutes go back and see if the water was absorbed it so after a week or so watch the leaves see if their happy 😊
@ZarfJade -Thank you!
@ZarfJade -Thank you so much!
I'd be checking the roots, because of how severe the issue is.
@Perkatory thank you I will do that.