Posted 1Y ago by @miazinnia

yellow and brown spots?

i just got this plant a couple weeks about but it’s starting to get little dots on it’s sleeves and turn yellow on the tops of others. anyone know what might be wrong? /what i can do to stop the spots
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
The spots may be a form of fungus or brown spot disease. Often this plant will protest over or under watering by showing brown spots as well. Are they dry and crispy or soft πŸ€”
Welcome to Greg! Your Song of India is so beautiful. This plant is very sensitive to the fluoride in tap water. I use purified and sometimes distilled water. They require less water this time of the year. So increase the light a little and decrease the watering. I use Sustee Moisture reader sensor and this Greg app to determine when it needs watering. I hope your plant will make a speedy recover.