Posted 6M ago by @Christy_NN

What's wrong with my Watermelon Peperomia?

Why are the leaves not as hard as they were? And why are they droopy? The soil is not wet but I watered it over a week and a half ago at least. The leaves are not turning yellow or brown to tell me what is going on like other plants.
4” pot
Last watered 9 months ago
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Your Peperomia is thirsty. Give it a drink now. Soft and droopy leaves means: give me some water please. πŸ€—πŸ’šπŸͺ΄
If you don't water now the leaves will turn yellow and fell off.
Yes she is dehydrated!!!
So I have to ask.. did you do something to Maya.. I have a watermelon πŸ‰ peperomia. I trimmed the roots back and she didn’t that… had a temper 😑tantrum 🀬😢 water her as usual.. mine came back around but it took a month. If that doesn’t work maybe fertilizer. There was a post a few days back… ok before the holiday… about this plant. There was good info see if you can find that thread