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I just repotted my monstera because of fungus naghts and now the stems are brown!!
I read that brown stems normally meant that there was root rot, but i just repotted it and the roots were fine. I just noticed that the stems are brown and they weren’t before I repotted it. I have a feeling it’s just dying and it’s too late. The leaves are droopy and some leaves started turning brown. It could be because it sat outside for an entire day in 60F weather. But please, tell there’s something i can do!
2ft to light, direct
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Did you let it dry out before repotting and have you watered it since repotting?
@KrunchyWrap I watered it. I realise i should have waited…
@user26c78da4 yes never water immediately after repotting especially if it's bc of overwatering
Some of it may still be salvageable. Check some of the stem. Cut all the rot off (cut about ½ -1 inch about the last rot spot yoy see to be sure you don't miss any infected area) and pour some peroxide on it and maybe some cinnamon (prevent fungal infection and also rooting hormonez) and let it dry out and decide whether you want to propagate with soil or water

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