Posted 4w ago by @PopularEmerald

Not again
Another plant of mine is looking wilted now! But this isn't even in the same room! Very soft leaves, and I just watered it as I'm writing. It usually sits on top of this crate, and when I saw how wilted it was, I tried giving it an hour or so of direct sunlight, but it hasn't changed! Idk what to do! #plantaddict #planttherapy #newplantmom
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Hi! I’m so sorry. Let’s see how we can help. First what’s the room air like? Sometimes plants up on things get hit with a draft or a heater vent.
Secondly I’d check her roots. She should be in a well draining pot and roots should look white or yellow, and be firm if you try to squeeze one a little. I would guess this is just a humidity/air issue and NOT a root issue but I’m putting that here too to save time. 🌱☀️❤️ keep us posted
@PopularEmerald I’m with @RealSimpleMama we would love to know the growing environment.
@RealSimpleMama and @KikiGoldblatt she is about 0.5 m to the left and 1,5 meters above a radiater, so that might be the cause, but the plants under her are not facing any problems yet 🤞🏻.
When I noticed her condition, I also noticed that I hadn't aired out my room in a while (like 5 days ish), could that have something to do with it.
@PopularEmerald my guess is it would be the air! And maybe the other plants there just aren’t as sensitive? Let’s try airing out the room, and move her, and see how she is by tonight. 🌱☀️❤️