Posted 1w ago by @Malennie

Can she be saved??
It got sunburnt a week ago. Moved it furhter back about 1m from the window (north facing). And now it seriously turned yellow. The soil is still moist so i dont think it is underwatered. But i watered it once a week and maybe sprayed it a bit just to moist the leave.
What did i do wrong?? Help!!!
5ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
If one leaf survives, there’s a good chance for it. Keep it warm in indirect light. It’s hard to tell from the pics. What species is it?
@Plantgirl56 it is Syngonium Milk Confetti. I think maybe i need to take extra extra care for the one remaining leave.
The leaf that is burnt and now yellowing cant be saved. I would snip it off with sterile pruners. And let the plant channel its energy on making a new leaf. Now that its further away from the light, the watering interval would lengthen. Good luck and hope a new leaf sprouts out once it stabilises.
@Sleepysunday thank you. I will snip the dying one off. At least i got one alive.

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