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Jade plant turning purple
Hi, I got a few jade plant clippings from a neighbor and I have put them in water to grow roots. I have started to notice they are turning purple. I Googled it and it told me that the plant could be stressed or have too much sun :(. I don't think it's the sun. Could they be stressed? Do I need to take it out of the water and put it in soil instead? Any advice and help would really be appreciated. Thanks! #planthelp
4ft to light, indirect
7” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I’ve had my jade for years and it’s always had purple under some of the leaves. I always thought it was just part of the plant because it seems happy and grows quickly
I think your plant looks great! It's looks really healthy.
It's fine! It's just stressing. but if you don't like the purple, you can give it less sun

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