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Monstera help needed

#Monstera My monsteras leaves are not separating and I'm wondering if that's because it has not been getting enough light in its previous spot. I have a very bright living room, but not much direct sunlight. I've moved it now. The southwest window. Hoping that helps. Should I be tying some of its stocks to the pole?
12” pot with drainage
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Yes and yes! πŸ˜‰
You should definitely be tying it to the pole! But fenestration (the lovely gaps in the leaves) only come with time, not light! Lol she's obviously just quite a young plant still, just be patient! She looks super healthy, I'm sure she'll throw her first fen before long! 😍 And when she does... Post it so we can see! Lol

Typically Monstys like bright but indirect light (they like to see the sky but not the sun 🌞) so do watch out for sunburn if she's getting full sun (mine eldest Monsty likes a bit of afternoon sun, but from a NW facing window... In Scotland! Lol... so it's not too intense! πŸ₯° Xx
She will defiantly appreciate the help of tying the stocks to the pole. It will encourage her to climb up towards the light and not outπŸ€— and not to worry about her fenestrations, she will grow into them in time. Try adding a good fertilizer and humidifier🫢🏻 it's worked wonders for mine!
I also bought this and it was a LIFESAVER to give it some extra light when needed 🫢🏻
In the wild, no body ties these plants up the tree. So let her find her way. She will grow up strong that way.