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What's going on with this weird leaf on my rubber plant? Is it shipping damage?
3ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
I’ve never seen that condition on a leaf due to shipping. Had you just received it and could it have suffered cold damage? Is the other side of the leaf similarly damaged, and can you tell how old that leaf could be? It’s possible that younger leaves that are more tender could be damaged my extreme cold. Otherwise, it could be a fungal problem from looking at the texture and color of the leaf.
doesn't look like there's anything on it, just odd texture of the leaf. Underside is darker in that section than the healthy part of thr leaf and almost looks "hollow". It was cold when it shipped, could plausibly be frost damage because it's the biggest leaf. Not the youngest though, there are two fresher ones further up. I could definitely have been on the outside though.
Since the two younger leaves are doing well, I’d say not to worry. I’d leave it alone and let it acclimate to its new home. Don’t repot it right away. Congrats on your new plant.

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