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Just saw these in the drainage tray. Are these fungus nats? #HeartleafPhilodendron #fungusgnats
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Well crap 🤣
@Amyrosecessna yes they are. You can prevent them by using Neem Oil.
@KikisOasis I bought a bottle not long ago but haven’t used it yet. I just need to spray the plants with them right? Do I also need to use bonide or something in the soil too or should just the berm oil do the trick?
Ugh. Pests👹
I would stick with the Neem Oil. It has worked well for me. Yes just spray the plant, but also read the directions that came with it and it will tell you how to use it properly. If you continue to have that issue I would repot it using fresh soil.
@KikisOasis it’s a pot of cuttings that I just potted about 3 months ago. You think it will be ok to repot it so soon if I wind up having to go that route?
I haven’t used these so I personally can’t say how well they work, but I’ve seen a lot of people buy these yellow sticky traps that will catch the fungus gnats. Unfortunately the traps won’t take care of any eggs/larvae that could already be in the soil so some people also add something called “mosquito bits” to the soil to control the larvae.
Somebody suggested nematodes in the soil as an organic way to get rid of the bad pests. They had good luck with them.
I’ve had luck with the cinnamon route. Supposedly, the babies can’t penetrate the layer of cinnamon on the soil and will die. 🤷‍♀️
@Katy410 that’s great to know. I will try the cinnamon method first.
@katy410 #katy410 note to self: remember this!!
Sticky traps have worked pretty well for me. You just stick it into the soil of the plant and it catches all the flying bugs.
I’ve also heard bottom watering prevents this or covering the top soil with other substrate, such as sand or preserved moss.

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