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Chinese evergreen dying

I’ve posted about this plant before when its leaves were continuously yellowing, dropping, and falling off. I’ve tried adding some fertilizer, getting it within 6ft of a window, and regularly watering (according to Greg’s recos.) Unfortunately as you can see every leaf is still dying. You can see one turning brown and the next one starting to yellow. I’m so close to giving up on her… Does anyone have any ideas what may be happening to it or what I can do to help it? #ChineseEvergreen #help #PlantGraveyard
4ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Try propagating a healthy leaf in to a new plant. Make sure that you do that in a new pot as there may be something wrong with the current pot. Good luck.
It may be getting over watered, I’ve had mine almost a year now and noticed the less I water the more it thrives! Id say I water it about one every two weeks!
Here’s mine!
@ValidEspicia do you check the soil or moisture before watering it? Currently the app is telling me to water it 1 cup a week or so which feels like a lot but it was yellowing even before I shifted to this more regular schedule. I’m wondering if there’s a certain moisture level after which it should be watered
I'm glad you found Greg, Prarthana!

One of the things I learned about Greg is the watering recommendations are more like suggestions. If Greg tells you to water and your soil is still quite wet, "snooze" the plant and the app will remind you in three days. 

in three days, if it's still wet, "snooze" it again. 

you can snooze as often as you like and the more you do, the more the app will remember the care you give your plant. It will learn to remind you to water less. 

I agree with @ValidEspicia, when it comes to the plant, less is more. It is better to underwater than overwater. (:

I would just hold off watering for a few weeks and see how your plant handles it.

you can carefully strip off that lower, browning leaf- the plant doesn't need it anymore. 
I have one of these that is about eight years old and it looked pretty sad. I actually cut it off like I would cut that one in half and you can stick it in water and root it or it can root in soil but I would get some good quality soil then just don’t overwater it. It needs a medium water. And it depends on what window it in because they’ll dry out faster and some windows. Chinese Evergreen needs diffused light a lower light. Good luck with da Vinci. I hope he recovers.
I water mine once a month and some sprinkles here and there on the top also I spray the leaves more than watering the dirt. This plant doesn't like alot of watering
Hello! I know it can be frustrating, but one of the best things about this app is the community!

Hmm, first, if the leaf comes off easy, it's ready to drop. If it's still pretty attached, let it stay and process light. Speaking of light, I agree with moving her about six feet from the window. I have mine about five feet from windows, on the ground, with some shade provided by furniture and a partial wall (this can mimic dappled shade in the wild).

Greg suggests watering amounts based on the size of the pot and the amount of light received. The app learns over time as you snooze watering or water more frequently than suggested, based on actually checking the soil. I like using a bamboo knitting needle or wooden skewer. I shove it all the way into the pot. If the soil is dry, about 50 percent down, I bottom water. If not, as long as the leaves aren't drooping, I ignore.

Last thought: Have you checked the root system? Gently popping it out of the pot when it's pretty dry to verify there aren't dead roots could be helpful in diagnosing possible issues.

I'll tell you what, though, my dieffenbachia are drama queens when I don't spoil them! (They're nearly as bad as my peace lily.) I finally gave in and moved them under a grow light. They're putting out more leaves and thriving now, the little turds. 🤣

Listen, it's all a learning curve, and you're doing great! Checking in for an assist, trying different things, sharing your planty woes... it's all normal and frustrating and rewarding and fun! You've got this, my friend.
I’ve had a lot of experience with peace lilies over the decades. I got to the point that I could tell by just feeling the leaves or just looking at it because I can tell when it’s starting to faint or it’s gonna faint in a day or two. Just keep a good eye on him, and when Greg says water them see if you notice a difference after you water them and before you water them