Posted 6M ago by @BeamingMastic

My plant has white snowy looking fluff on some of the leaves?
8” pot
Last watered 3 months ago
Donna, I'd be on the lookout for pests. Looks like spider mites in the upper left corner, but I can't be for sure without a closer look.

Also, mealy bugs look like white fluff.

can you get some close-up pictures?
@BeamingMastic I took several and I can’t find them now
What you circled is it much many areas. What can I do?
I found them but can’t sent them🤷‍♀️
There is the worst one
That’s mealy bugs. They can spread, so isolate the plant from your other plants. This looks to be a fairly bad case. I’d toss it if it were mine, but you can also try cleaning it with diluted rubbing alcohol.
I would if I could but it was my husbands grandmas and she has been gone for about 30 years🥲
My bush lily blooming😉

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