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@Leah_DB:My crotons aren’t growing! I have them in front of a window with morning sun and a grow light for later in the day. They are healthy but not growing #CrotonCrew
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How long have you had them there? And what direction is the window facing? Slow growth can usually be because of not enough sun. It could also be because you just need to give them time. Crotons LOVE sun and mine are in direct sun about 6 hours a day.
@Ratshell I’ve had them about 2 months. They were on the 50% rack at lowes. They are in front of a east facing window.
Huh… that’s pretty weird. They may still be a little bit shocked from the transition of lowes to your house. Honestly, when something like this happens with a plant, usually if the plant is still healthy just walking away and giving it time usually works. Of course if all of a sudden the plant worsens there is probably an underlying issue, but right now there’s not really much you can do but move it if you really want to ( not really needed that much though ) and try some fertilizer and wait.
@Ratshell they aren’t losing leaves or anything and their color looks good so I guess I’ll just keep waiting lol 😊 thank you
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