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hey #GregGang y'all ready for everyone's favorite day!? #...

we made it through another long week team! show me all your plants have to offer!!! I wanna see all the #NewGrowth (flowers count obvi!!) on all your #HappyPlants #RJGAsksGreg #PLANTMAFIA #AlocasiaAddicts #AnthuriumAssembly #BegoniaBunch #CalatheaCrew #CactusClique #CalatheaCones #FicusGang #FicusFam #HoyaHangout #MonsteraMob #OrchidOrg #OrchidLovers #PalmPilots #PothosPack #PepperomiaPod #PhiloFlock #SucculentSquad
All this new growth in the past month!! This was a clearance plant that I rehab and almost killed.
I’be been watching this big beautiful leaf for about 2 weeks now! Reminds me of watching chicks hath out of eggs! 🐣
Good morning and happy #FreshLeafFriday from my lovely Hoya sunrise, Hoya shooting star, Hoya tricolor, and Hoya pubicalyx splash growth!
And now for the #PhiloFlock
And last but not least for this #FreshLeafFriday…
I wont post my pothos (pothoses? Pothosii?) or musa because thats cheating :P
@Coko4lyfe ooooo so pretty! Begonias scare meπŸ˜‚
@GatherandGrow just like eggs hatching!!!! ficus even have that shell like sheath πŸ€”
@MeganO stunning as alwaysπŸ₯°
@AggroResting and a Pilea isn't? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@RJG yes! So fast growing and rewarding :)
@RJG yess me too!! I only bought that begonia bc it was on sale. πŸ˜‚ First begonia ever.
Here are some of the new growth! More coming...
And that's the rest of them so far!
Loving all the new growth on Ric Rac, Aglaonema is shooting out 3rd flower since same # of months, and Rex begonia sending out 2 fuzzy leaves πŸƒ and a flower 🌸. What a treat on #FreshLeafFriday #CactusClique #AglaonemaAddicts #BegoniaBunch #ChineseEvergreen #HappyPlants
She's finally here. My Princess Philo finally shown us her pink leaf!

My Adansonii's new leaf has a baby new leaf coming in... She always be giving me new bΓ©bΓ©s.

My Calathea's are giving me the goodness.

And I propagated my mini string of hearts (Maya) to make a fuller bigger one...his name is Kerberos.... everybody meet Kerberos...he's a man of many faces.
#philodendronpinkprincess #calatheacone #calatheacrew #monsteramob #philoflock #stringofhearts #plantaddict #freshleaffriday
Kivu has a new leaf coming in!!! (Cc @AnnaLovesVoting)

Also new growth from the Birkin, the ficuses, and my tiger aloe’s tendril continues to grow
@raaspra so much #NewGrowth !!!
@MariansOasis omg i hadn't seen fresh Ric Rac before!!!
@melodey stunning PPP leaf!!! And hello Kerberos!
@Curry way to get Anna in here (soon) great new growth as always πŸ₯Ί
@Coko4lyfe she’s a beauty!
@RJG they do! πŸ€—
Omg who do I choose!? We’ve got some gorgeous blooms, a teeny plumeria leaf, and a bb bunny ear! 🐰
@GatherandGrow thanks!
@raaspra I love your Birkin! Mine's all green, and probably will stay that way :(
@RJG I know?! I was shocked when I started looking!! So proud πŸ₯².
@Kanteen Thank you! I was worried when I first got her as she was all green too, but I've got her under a grow light since my natural lighting is a joke. Seems to be working out so far!
Snake pup
Does my lemon lime win anything for 9 new leaves πŸ˜…
Spring is here, so many new leaves! Especially excited about the huge new fenestrated leaf on the monstera! #newgrowth #freshleaffriday
All of these were rescued on the brink of death so I’m stoked about their progress πŸ€—
@Kiersten that little leaf is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
@Coko4lyfe your welcome!
I’m home sick from work on #FreshLeafFriday so I can actually participate *on* the day! So much growth from the pilea bebes and the mama plant. There are five bebes so next post will have a pilea in it too!
#newgrowth I'm so pleased that my babies are doing well. My Hoya Memoria, Hoya australis, String of Dolphins, and one of my jades, loving all those new leaves πŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ’ž
My stromanthe does not hate me so far. It’s still growing new leaves (I think). I’m still waiting for the new philodendron Birkin leaf to show itself in its full glory. And the fifth pilea babe is surviving.
First hyacinth coming up in my yard, so grateful for #SpringColor , noticed trout lilly leaves on forest floor, but no blooms as of yet.
This week was rough. TGIF!
@AshleyK so exciting!
Few more here
@Hypsie New echeverias !
@martin @Kiersten I need desktop access to be able to keep replying to everyone πŸ˜‚πŸŒšπŸ˜­
I’ve got lots of new growth on my Raven Zz! 😍
@RJG Heard that!! I type up most of my replies on my laptop and copy/paste 🫣
@Kiersten omg i figured you guys had a back door in or something. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My first new leaf from my baby Monstera! No fenestrations, but still proud! #FreshLeafFriday
@auderose13 LOVE your raven! I need one in my collection so bad!
My Lithops are getting their new leaves for the year, and I’m proud I haven’t killed any of them! πŸ˜†
Not new growth, but new plant this week! #shakeyourshamrock
Exciting week for my slow growing propagations. My #RaindropPeperomia has 2 new leaves popping off and My #HoyaHinduRope is making its 1st new leaf since I got it in early fall.
Plus my #RexBegonia propagations are putting out leaves in strange places, like it’s stem & on top of its leaf πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Ignore my dry brown spots, I fight the humidity battle every day.
I got my Regal shield mama, philodendron birkin, Philly revolution, spider mite rescue Philly verucosum, and a silver sword !
@RJG If you install the latest version of MacOS, and have Greg on an iPad. You can use the new Universal Control Option to type on your iPad using your Mac keyboard. This just became available last week, and I am so very grateful!
@eric YOU DO HAVE A BACKDOOR. now to get the wife to let me borrow the iPad πŸ€”πŸŒš
Happy water Pothos
@HyggeVibes That’s a beautiful, happy plant!
Happy Friday! I have too many to add but here are the highlights!! The painted lady has babies on babies!
And a few more…
Lots of sprouts on my Dracaena, new leaves coming in on my dumbcane, BOP and golden pothos, my Nanouk is pushing out some new growth, and a little baby leaf is coming in on my wandering dude. 😊🌿
Did you say flowers? I had a couple lovely ones this week! Also had new growth on my elephant bush, ficus, and cherry. Last photo is one of my pingsβ€”they’re getting so big now!