Posted 3w ago by @NumberonePhlox

Any idea why the one leave is turning yellow?
3ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hey there- mine does this from time to time. I believe its simply a matter of giving up on this leaf to focus its energy on a healthier leaf. I definitely could be wrong. 🌱
@BalancedBonsai should I cut it off??
@NumberonePhlox I do. They won’t make it much longer and only deprive the main plant of nutrients that could go elsewhere πŸ’š
Cut a yellow leaf off today lol
@BalancedBonsai last question, do I cut the whole leaf off or cut all the way at the base? I’m new to this lol
@BalancedBonsai beautiful plant!
@NumberonePhlox I usually cut the leaf off. You could cut some of the stem but I don’t cut off at the base unless the stem is yellow or dead.
@NumberonePhlox I just looked at your plant again. Looks like the stem is yellow down to the base so yes, cut that off.