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help please

does anyone know what's up with my plant? i'm new to house plants.
there's a little bit of browning down the sides aswell. also i noticed a little baby in the soil too
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@FourstarColeus welcome to #GregGang Those brown edges might be a sign your plant's feeling a bit parched. Give it a drink, but don't flood the joint. Let the top inch of soil dry before you water again. Plants like a little sip, not a swim. To add to this your succulent Fairy Washboards dig some bright, indirect light – like a chill hangout spot by a window. No blazing sun, though, that'll just give 'em a sunburn. Ah, the little baby in the soil – that's actually a cool thing! It's probably a pup, like a baby plant. You can let it grow also @FourstarColeus Make sure the soil's not too soggy. well-draining mix is the name of the game for these bad boys. If your pad is dry, these plants can get a bit pouty. Try a little misting or a humidity tray to keep the vibe comfy. New plants need time to settle in. Just like a new roommate, they gotta find their groove. Give it some TLC and watch it flourish.
So there you go, rockstar! Water smart, keep the lighting right, and show that Fairy Washboard some love. Your plant game's gonna be on point!
@JungleDreamer thank you so much! the leaf at the very right, at the base it's very thin that would be caused because it needs more water aswell?
@FourstarColeus Judging by the image, it appears that the leaf is in the process of drying out, so rescuing it might be quite a challenge.