Posted 1M ago by @Leeitah

Tiny lemons turning black?


I originally bought this Meyer lemon tree from a nursery and it was doing well of course. Now the tiny lemons are all turning black or yellow very early. I water based off of what the app says as well as fertilize it as needed. As of right now my app says to water 4 1/2 cups every week. Water runs through well. Not sure what Iā€™m doing wrong or why my lemons are turning black? I keep it outdoors, just like the nursery did. direct sunlight for most of the day. Tree has been growing in this pot for about two years now and I just bought it a few months ago.
14ā€ pot with drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
When the fruits are turn black after you buy it, thats nothing special. They dont like changing locations.
But you have to look, if its too wet or not enough fertilizer than this happens too. Check if the soil is Ā½ dry, than its okay but you say once a week, so that should be okay. overwatering leads to yellow leafes also.