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It’s not thirsty!
#Philodendron hey the app is telling me to water this plant way too often and it’s leaking water all over my bookshelf… how do I tell the app to chill out?
When it tells you to water (swipe right to register the watering)…if it’s too soon, swipe left to “snooze” and Greg will remind you later. It will also help learn the algorithm of the watering schedule that works for your plant. Happy watering! :)
What plant is it? You can swipe and snooze! Also, what kind of pot is your plant in? If there’s holes, it will drain so that’s normal. You do want to make you’re when you water your fully saturate the soil. Most people will water them in the sink or put something underneath to catch the water
I usually move my plant to the sink or the drain to water so all excess water that comes out from drainage doesnt dirty or wet the surrounding. Only water when you're sure the plant needs it. Snooze if its not yet ready for watering. Several snoozes will tell the app to reduce water frequency
I know about snooze but I want to actually fix the regularity that it tells me to water.

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