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Do any of y'all find that the app asks you to water way m...

2” pot
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It does that for me but I’ve noticed after snoozing it it tends to change the pattern after a bit. One of my plants it actually tells me to wait too long in between so I’m hoping with me marking that I’ve watered it that it’ll tell me to more often!
The app's algorithm takes all the info on your plant card and creates a schedule. The more complete the plant card the better. Since Greg can't stick it's finger in your plants, it adjusts the schedule based on when you tell it a plant was watered or snoozed. Sometimes the app is off for me, but I mind the majority of the time it's pretty close. Or if it's not, it's because I packed the soil too tight, etc and it's something the app couldn't have known.
Yes, but the more you snooze and water before it asks the more Greg will learn. Ultimately you know best for your plants and Greg is an aid that gets better and better with time 😊
I'd also like to add that the plants environment plays a role as well so once the app catches on to what you determine is best for your plant it will update your watering schedule.