Posted 1M ago by @AKBgardens

Is my Lithop elongating?

I got this baby lithop almost two weeks ago. When i got the baby, the plant was splitting. So i haven’t watered and placed him facing a southern window. Unfortunately I live in the UK so trying to get full sun for him naturally wasn’t possible. I purchased a grow light since then and this boy has been under the grow light for about 9hrs every day. But i see he is getting a bit taller. Just wanted to see if this was him growing or elongating. Thanks! 😊
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I also live in the UK and my lithops is in a south-east facing window and it’s completely fine! I didn’t have any major issues in winter either, it’s not quite as flat as it should be but I’m happy its still alive 😂

Yours looks fine! I would increase the grow light though to 10-12 hours, that’s about how long I usually have mine on for. Lithops love as much light as you can give them.