Posted 1Y ago by @SheLadyRed

Can I tie her up?
Need to repot this baby and help the 2 main branches start growing up instead of outward. Is it ok to loosely tie them together and place the plant on a lower stand so it reaches up for the sun? Any suggestions appreciated!
0ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Instead of tying them together, I would put a stake in the middle and secure both branches separately to the stake. Otherwise, I’d be afraid of them both leaning to one side if they were tethered together. The stake will promote them to grow upwards.
@Superkma75 Excellent idea. thanks so much!
I like to rotate my taller plants 180 degrees every time I water so they grow straight vs one sided towards the window. Once you get them going straight it’s always a good idea to remove the stake so the branches stay strong and don’t rely solely on support. You have beautiful plants!

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