Posted 5M ago by @ElectricPhalsa

My plant is a kalanchoe hybrid called ‘Dragon Fire’ so i have no idea why it put it under Jade. It requires different care. Does anyone know why it put it under this plant?
12ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
You can always change it manually under the “edit details” option of your plant! Some of my plants get miscategorized too, but it’s bound to happen when so many different species look so similar 😅
It probably just misidentified it. You can go in and change it.
Thank you both! I couldn’t find out how to change it haha. I appreciate it!
The leaves are definitely jade esk. The app sees the shapes and inputs if it’s not familiar so the more we all post and correct those names the more accurate over time it will get
Pretty specimen! Never seen one like this.
I totally would have thought it was jade too!

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