Posted 2Y ago by @RadCacto

Do you guys think that my plant is healthy? I got it two ...

2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
As I know, this baby sould be wathered with rain water or distilled water. And he needs to be feed with bugs.
Ok I will try that thank you
And also he does not want to use his energy to all bugs that does not give him any minerals.
Ok thanks
And don't touch his traps he will lose his energy that way.
I can @ someone if you need help with feeding him?
Ok thank you I will ask if I need some help
Just tag me to get notifications πŸ‘‹
They also like to be in a warmer/humid/wet environment. So, if it’s really cold by your windows you may want to consider a different spot. Keep an eye on the soil as they don’t like to dry out. And I agree with above recommendation for distilled/rain/purified water.
Ok the soil is moist and it does not get particularly cold by the windo
Sadly I think that the flytrap died but we will let it be for a little bit
You might want to get a humidifier. Do you like warm moisture. οΏΌοΏΌ
@MeganO im in the middle of a snow storm and happen to not have any distilled water on me. If I were to melt some fresh snow would it come to the equivalent of rain water?
@RadCacto They actually hibernate during the winter months. Don’t toss it, it might just be sleeping.
Oh wow thank you