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Hi! While I was at work my monstera apperently stood to close to the Window and 1 leave has a sunburn. What can I do? Can he heal from this? I just bought him πŸ˜” #sunburn #monsteravariegated
2” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
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Hi, Laura! Welcome to Greg and welcome to the wonderful world of white plants. (:

The first thing that'll brown on a variegated plant is the white part and sometimes it's not even due to sunburn ... it just browns. The white parts have no chlorophyll.

Since it's a delicate cutting, I would keep it in a bright place that doesn't get direct sun, but gets a lot of light. I'd not cut the leaf off either. The plant needs that leaf.

What you CAN do is take a pair of sterilized scissors and cut off the brown part. Your leaf will have a different a shape, but you'll cut off the brown.
Unfortunately, sun damage does not revert, nor will it heal. The only thing to do is move your plant from the area and make sure it gets bright, shaded light to encourage new growth! 😊
Your Monstera still look healthy
sunburnt leaves won’t heal it’s already dead and will eventually turn brown and fall off
you may need to prune them off. This will help the plant focus its energy on new growth to help your Monstera leaves grow back.
Put the plant in share indirect light spot

Also I can see in your plant card that the pot is very small and has no drainage which not good for monstera
It’s better to repot it to a bigger pot with drainage .
@kscape too bad :( okay thanks, I will do that!
@AHassona thanks for your advice! And heΒ΄s still in water, growing roots. But I donΒ΄t know how I can put that option in Greg thatΒ΄s why I just said it was in a small pot πŸ˜„
@blommekes aha got it sorry the pic wasn’t clear πŸ’šπŸͺ΄hope to see it in pot and happy plant soon πŸ₯°
@AHassona no worries it is indeed a dark picture, it was early in the morning when I took this picture πŸ₯± I hope so too, thank you!! 🌿

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