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Sunlight question
Do you want to give a plant more sunlight while it’s not sprouted to give it energy to sprout? Or do you just give it it’s required amount the whole time? #NewGrowth #SolomonSealClub
I’ve never really thought about it. Growing up we had our starts in the shade so the soil wouldn’t dry out in the sun. They would be getting mostly morning sun. So I’d think it needs less sunlight.
@Beeps ok. Can I have your opinion on something? I have a shady plant and I don’t know if it will be too shady in this corner or no. What do you think? I took it from the woods
Solomon’s Seal is a shade ground covering plant right? It should be happy with a small amount of light like what’s being shown on the table. I would imagine that it will grow heavily towards the light in attempt to “spread”.
@Beeps so should I put it in the corner? And yes you are right, less ground cover-y though
@PlantyPlanter I think it’s safe for this plant
@Beeps got it!
@PlantyPlanter use the tracker so we can see it grow! 🌿
@Beeps will do! I want to figure out what type it is! 🧐
@PlantyPlanter what if it’s Solomon’s Plume 😮
@Beeps ?
@PlantyPlanter I have 4 tabs open Looking at Solomon’s Seal 😅. One says it’s often confused with Solomon’s Plume which has upright blooming flowers
@Beeps wow! Where did you here about ss? What have you learned?
@PlantyPlanter oh I’m just googling. It’s also native here in Missouri but I don’t know if I’ve seen it in person. Looks like all the woodland foliage I saw growing up, just not sure if I’ve seen it flower.
@Beeps OMG I WAS READING A THING ABOUT SS IN MISSOURI! Have you seen anything from the #SolomonSealClub ?
I just joined #SolomonSealClub 😊. I don’t think I ever saw it flowering. False Solomon’s Seal on the other hand, I think this was everywhere in the woods!
@Beeps well I’m glad you joined! I’ve also been doing a bunch of research so let me know if you have any questions!
Psst…I don’t remember links of where to get SS. Girl got paid and I need one 🫣 @PlantyPlanter also KITTY SPAYED
@kscape YAY! The ones from Amazon are amazing! @sarahsalith got them! Do you want me to send you the link to those? They are variegated
@PlantyPlanter and regular SS maybe? She sent me plant mail and should get here Friday! I may get them then!
@kscape who sent you Solomon seal?
@PlantyPlanter nonono, @sarahsalith sent me some philo cuttings that should get here Friday! Then, when they arrive I’ll buy SS 🤭
@kscape ok! Did you find the $5 one on the post?
@kscape woo hoo!! Kitty got spayed!

I put a pretty stem of VSS in the box, Dariana. (: The UPS guy gave it to me while I was on my way out the door to the post office!
@sarahsalith WHAT? Omg Sarah!!! 😭😭😭 I guess I’ll be receiving VSS on Friday @PlantyPlanter 🥹🥹🥹
@sarahsalith @kscape OMG LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I was taking a stroll in my new neighborhood and was looking at what plants ppl had, and I had saw these plants that kind of looked like ss and then I look up and see THESE!!
Wow! They grow all over the place out there!
@sarahsalith when I moved to this town, I never expected there to be so much, or any Solomon seal! I guess I’ll just have to have the most/the most variety 😉
@sarahsalith sorry Sarah! I guess you’ll have to move to somewhere in New England to get to be around so much Solomon seal! 🤣
@PlantyPlanter You’re encouraging my obsession with Solomon Seal and I like it 🤭
@kscape @sarahsalith look at this map and see what you are. You can go to the website for a better imagine

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