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Happy #MonsteraMonday.
I only have one Deliciosa at home and I love itttt! Let me see yours! #PlantAddict #MonsteraMob #monsteradeliciosa #monstera
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I just grabbed the first one on Saturday for $11. Didn’t know I needed it, but couldn’t say no. πŸ˜‚
I have two.
I know @lazyplantparent has a beautiful one πŸ₯Ή
I havnt yet determind the best place for one in my home however I do have a Monstera Adonsonii floor find from the grocery store that is doing very well. 7 new leaves this season
Oh I love those big leaves! So shiny ✨
@KikiGoldblatt very pretty !
@jcPlantProper thank you.
Herman is about to do another round of leaves πŸ₯°
@RJG Herman is a tall boi
@jcPlantProper he's a pole dancer πŸ•ΊπŸ»
@RJG that is one very beautiful plant. Love the comment "he's a pole dancer"
@RJG πŸ‘€ 😯
Look at these grips
@RJG dang. Hanging in for dear life
@KDkat3 YEA. I love this one. Quality leaves over quantity
@Kace the decursiva? It’s AGGRESSIVE. I love it. Your adansonii is thriving!
@jcPlantProper oh I forgot about my Mini Monstera.
My office !
I have to get on the sofa arm to water this one. πŸ˜‚
I’m at the point of asking DH to water this one for me. This was my very first. She’s only been with me 9 months.
This one’s aerial roots are coming after my pup’s water bowl. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
@SportyLilac πŸ₯°πŸ₯° @FitSedum that is WOW
There are two here. My daughter’s baby Albo is at the bottom. I bought it for her as a graduation gift. The taller one has been with us 6 months and came with 3 leaves - one of which I had to cut off. She now has 9 leaves and is a super aggressive grower.
We have one Deliciosa in the background which is feeding extra oxygen to the Borsigiana in front of it. Please excuse the damaged leaves. They were like that when we brought it home. The new leaves brown here are pristine. There’s also a baby variegated Adonsonii I recently gifted DH for putting up with my plant addiction. The Borsigiana and Adonsonii are his. 😁
@jcPlantProper Love it! These were my first indoor plants when I got back into indoor gardening.
@Kace We always need more plants! πŸ˜†
@FitSedum omg. This is literal perfection!!! What the heckkkk
@KikiGoldblatt yours are so full and healthy! Love it!
@Stall54Jo wow! That’s stellar growth!
@RJG Wow! How tall is Herman?
@KDkat3 yes, baybee! Look at those leaves! 😍😍😍
@RJG omg. I need those in my life! 😍
@KikiGoldblatt look at that mini! Stunning!
@FitSedum Need what πŸ‘€ and Herman is probably 2.5-3' tall.
@SportyLilac perfection!
@jcPlantProper Aw, thank you! It’s been a journey to get here and it’s been fun! πŸ™ƒ
@RJG the moss pole. I need those! 😍
@jcPlantProper Is that what it is? πŸ˜‚ Aggressive grower? I’ll have to check to see if I picked the right thing when I added it to my oasis. οΏΌ

I just repotted my mini and deliciosa. Mini needs to be wiped down and deliciosa might have some sunburn.
@FitSedum I make them myself! In #MossPole I showed how. They're super easy!
@RJG Thanks!
My Deliciosa
My Lizzy is growing crazy! I'm getting a trellis, hopefully today!
I play music to my monstera waiting her to big huge πŸ˜‚
@FitSedum 🀣🀣🀣 I’m grateful for the Greg community and their support!
I think something is wrong with my cactus here. Doesn’t have any spines. Doesn’t look like any of my others. Lol. #MonsteraMonday
@SirLiquorice lol! She’s beautiful
How many times a week do you water it?
My own has a yellow leaveπŸ’”
Welcome to Greg, @FabRosemoss! The watering needs will vary based on your pot, plant, soil, and placement near the sun.

According to the app (that's think your plant is a pothos) says water about every eight days.

You can let the soil dry out a bit between waterings. (: They are tough plants- I love them!
@jcPlantProper it really seems to like the grow lights in the closet but now I’m having trouble fitting in there still
thanks for the tag! πŸ₯Ή ever since I moved trixie closer to the window like you had suggested in an old post, her fenestrations have been popping 🀩
@lazyplantparent ugh yesssss
@jcPlantProper even more crazy that I found my monsteras for $5 each.
This was helpful , thanksπŸ’œ
Minnie the monstera … old pic , she recently shot out 4 leaves !
This is mine πŸ₯°
@SirLiquorice beautiful leaves
@FabRosemoss I noticed giving mine a little fertilizer every now and then helped prevent it from getting the yellow leaves anymore

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