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Gnat attack
Hi y’all, I’ve recently gotten into plants and I’m noticing more gnats in my room? I’ve read online that they are attracted to the mouisture in house plants, is this true? If so how do I lessen the gnats? Thanks y’all! ❤️❤️
@Itspartythyme Love a good pun username! If you routinely add sand, it should dwindle their numbers. Hydrogen peroxide also works great!
I’ve had good luck with adding pebbles or sand top dressing on the top of the soil. I don’t let any soil stay exposed anymore.
@ABCD is right about hydrogen peroxide. I had a very severe infestation in my colocasia because it’s a HEAVY water drinker. Like I could see the (had to be hundreds of) larva writhing around (🤢🤮) in the top of the soil. I gave it a 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water drench and killed those suckers. The next day I went back to check which gnats had cockroach genes and were still alive - I had clearly missed one section so I scooped up the top inch of soil and disposed of all the eggs/larva. You can safely do the hydro.peroxide/water solution once a week - it may require a second go if the first round doesn’t work fully for you. Also, add some yellow sticky traps around your plants. The fully grown gnats are attracted to the bright colour and will get themselves stuck to them. They are not super bright (the gnats that it, the sticky paper is VERY bright.) Hope that helps!
My Monstera got some gnats which then spread to my other plants 😔 Gnats love moisture in the soil and will lay their eggs there. If you don’t act quickly they will multiply like crazy, I believe 1 gnat can lay a hundred eggs! Buy some Mosquito Bits, put some in a metal tea strainer (or mesh bag if you need to use more) and let it soak in your watering can for 30 min. Just follow the package directions for the correct amount you need, but I use 1TBSP of bits for 1 Liter of water. Use this solution EVERY TIME you water! The pesticide in the bits will kill the gnat larvae in your soil, but not harm your plant. You will also need yellow sticky traps to trap the adults before they can lay more eggs! Also make sure your soil dries out completely between waters - you don’t want to keep a moist environment for the gnats to lay eggs. In my mind, dry soil = dead larvae 😈 I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks and I’ve seen dramatically less gnats! Good luck! 👍🏽

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