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Planted in my Garden, summer squash
Hey, I do outside plants at the moment. #pleasehelp #summersqash in Idaho something happened with my plant after spraying for bugs with water and Dawn dish soap. I heard it was a good idea to keep bugs away came back from my weekend trip and it looks like this. Please help!
Dawn actually is only good for spot treating, but not good to do the overall plant. It actually spoils the soil.
Looks a tad burnt πŸ₯΅ keep him evenly water and he should be bounce back. I use Sevin Dust on my garden for bugs. Not organic, but it works. Keep us updated 🀞🏼
Anytime a plant is being treated with something other than water, whatever is on the leaves may increase the chance of sunburn.
That sucks thank you guys so much! I heard planting banana peels will help but I pulled off those brown yellow looking leaves hoping to help it grow more

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