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ficus keeps losing leaves
my ficus keeps losing leaves even though i’m watering it on time and it’s getting sunlight. anyone know what I can do?
4” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
What goal did you choose in your settings? Balance? Ease? Growth? This determines the amount of water and the frequency of the watering schedule Greg will recommend. Tbh, I recommend googling the plant care tips for the ficus ginseng and follow that watering schedule, but use the recommended water volume recommended by the greg app when watering your plant. Also, make sure that it’s potted in well draining soil and in a pot with a drainage hole. After you finish watering, make sure to dump any excess water left in the dish beneath your pot - ficuses don’t like “soggy bottoms”
Your ficus isn't getting enough light. The plant is letting go of the other leaves to focus on holding onto the better leaves.

Ficus LOVE light. I have one Ginseng in a west window and one outside under a table to protect it from the high sun.
I agree with @sarahsalith on needing more light! I currently have my ficus ginseng outside where it gets direct sun in the morning, and it’s thriving. I water it every other day since it’s out in the heat. I’d also check to make sure that it doesn’t need to be repotted! I know the trunks can be deceiving above the soil lol, but it’s probably a good idea to check on that as well, especially if you’ve had it for awhile and have never repotted 🤗🌿💚
thank you!!

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