Posted 2M ago by @GladPollyplant

My ghost plant isn’t looking so good.

Can someone please help me or tell me what’s going on with my ghost plant. I’ve had it for like 5 days watered it only a little when I first got now it’s completely dry but almost looks overwatered. The pinkish leaves are softer than the rest and very delicate and fall off easily. I have her right next to the window btw.
0ft to light, direct
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
To me it looks overwatered. If I were you I would just let it be.
It looks like it may be overwatered or have root rot. Sometimes plants can already be in this condition when you purchase it, so don’t blame your self. I would take it out of the soil, repot in cactus soil, with added perlite (a lot of perlite) this helps with soil compaction and drainage. Also use a teracotta pot, it will absorb extra moisture, and evaporate moisture quicker to avoid standing water.
I would recomend putting it outside where it can get morning sun, and then gradually move it to full sun. Ghost plants need lots of light. I wouldnt water it, and you can remove the rotting leaves. If it has root rot, you will know because the roots are slimy, breaking and in bad shape. If it seems like it has roots that aren’t completely damaged I would remove the rotting roots with a clean tool, & leave the healthy roots (if there are any) to give it a chance to re grow.