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String of hearts propagation

For the people on here that have successfully propagated string of hearts, how did you do it? Any tips?

Because i tried propagation a while ago but i failed hard.

When i got my string of heart i overwatered and killed it (or so I thought), so i tried propagation but it died on me.

But somehow the mother plant lived on and now has massive vines, which needs trimming. It even flowered for me, aparantly it loves neglect.

So please, only comment information if you have propagated string of hearts. I know you are trying to help and it is really appreciated, but trust me i have searched everything on the internet i just wanna know what actually works.
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2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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I got the best tip recently and it’s going so much better for me. The roots on this plant can be very delicate so propagating can be tricky. You want to select a shallow pot with drainage and use your preferred soil mix and water thoroughly so it’s damp but not wet. Then take the vine and cut it into single node cuttings. Place the node side down onto the soil all across the surface of the pot. Place the pot into a clear bag and mist lightly in the bag. Strings want high humidity for propagation. Keep the soil moist and the humidity up with misting as needed and be patient. When the cuttings have rooted let the plant grow and ensure the roots are very healthy before you try to move or repot.
Following because mine is starting to get long and I’m afraid of it LOL. I Might just wrap those long ones around in the pot and forget trying to prop as I too have heard these are tricky.
@NodeAbode Thank you, gonna atleast try that with one vine
@Nathaliezyx4 they’re a tricky plant and the humidity seems to really be the key for them to root. Good luck.
@NodeAbode Thank you :)
I just water it once in a while and forget about it and it thrives!
I need to prop my 6-7’ long SOH. But she is flowering even at the ends. I hate to waste the flowers. They’re so stinkin cute. πŸŒΈπŸ’š I think I’m going to wait until she stops blooming. Besides I need to build up the courage 😬
@Rockrlee my girl looks the same love the beautiful bell shaped flowers β˜ΊοΈπŸ’š