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orchid care??
hi everyone, my friend was gifted this orchid and basically asked me “how do i not kill it” but i have no idea how to care for orchids! i’m pretty sure this is a phalaenopsis/moth orchid. advice on pot (size & material), soil, watering technique & frequency, sunlight, etc? also if anyone could tell me what orchid this is specifically, that would be much appreciated! thank you! #OrchidLovers #WhatPlantIsThis
Definitely a Chunky mix! Let it dry out! What soil is it in now? They sell orchid bark that you can use. I’d wait a week or so just so it’s acclimated
A lot of time they’re potted in spag moss which is ok but it’s easier to overwater and rot it.
As long as the roots are nice and green, you’re good! When I had them, I kept them in a well lit area and only watered when like almost allll the way dry
When I’m the moss I just let the water run thru it for about 20 seconds and let it drain. When In an orchid bark I’d run it under water water a little longer
Mine does well with minimal care. I put in my kitchen window that faces East. I have it in orchid bark and it’s currently in only the clear plastic pot with slits/holes. It doesn’t need too much water. I did have to get adjust the stick/lil pole that it came with as it keeps growing rather quickly and blooms often so the weight tends to tip it over easily
I use a combination of moss and orchid bark for my orchids and they are happy with this combo plus I add fertilizer pellets to the mix
When re-potting your orchid make sure it's not for a Sony plug in the roots. A lot of orchid growers use those spongy plugs, they need to be careful removed before planting your orchid in it's new home. Ugh the plugs are awful, they will eventually kill the plant. You've got the best advice from @jcPlantProper @Happyplants247 and @GardeningDiva
I have mine in orchid pots with orchid bark and sphagnum moss.
@Happyplants247 where could i get this clear plastic pot you speak of?
@opheliaio look on Amazon, they have various sizes. For some reason mine does well, of course you can just slide the clear plastic pot in a ceramic one also if you like the look better
looks to be a phalaenopsis orchid! i use orchid bark mix for my orchid and keep it in bright indirect light. i usually water my orchid once a week making sure not to wet the roots! i also use mircale gro orchid food which helps the orchid grow more leaves. my orchid has been thriving so far w this routine so hopefully these tips could help you :)
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