Posted 3w ago by @PrettyWildyam

I ordered Pothos N’Joy plant clippings but got lost in the mail and just got here today after a week and a half in the box. They are clipping. They don’t look to good any tips to keep them alive? Thanks
Trim off all the dead leaves and check if the soil is dry. Remove that Cotten from it as well.
@LatiTish84 it’s watered now and they said with clipping to keep them tight together so I left the cotton in it for that reason. But I’ll clip off the dead
Any chance you can put them under like a glass dome? Basically increase the humidity to basically 100% until you see growth again
@RJG yea I’ll try that as well thanks
Put it in a 'terrarium environment' after trimming off the dead leaves and they should be get back in shape in no time. If it's dry give it a good watering as well~ use Greg to track its progress!

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