Posted 1M ago by @SpicyTurkshead

Will my plant grow another stem for flowers?

5ft to light, indirect
2โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
If you take good care of it of course, yes. Once the blooms have faded, there are two options. You can cut the flower spike (with sterilized tools) down at the base. This way, the Orchid most probably enters its vegetative phase, focusing on leaf and root growth to support a great bloom next time it blooms.
Others cut the spike - is it is still green - just above the last node that hasn't bloomed yet, to try to induce a secondary bloom. Mind you, most of the time this bloom is not as plentiful as the first and the Orchid expands energy, that might as well go into growing supporting structures. Most phalaenopses need a bit of a cooldown (about 5 degrees Celsius less than normal, for some days/weeks) to signal it that it is time to produce another slower spike. Which is why most phals bloom in spring after their cooldown in late autumn/winter
Yes it will. Just give it water once every 3-4 weeks, and just leave it alone. Put it outside in a bright area, but also good shade. They thrive outside 100x better than indoors. Mine blooms and grows new stems constantly all year. I live in Florida though. Just let it cycle on its on. If the stem turns brown, but it down to the stalk. They do not like being bothered.