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What’s your favorite plant?
DH asked me what mine was and you know, I get asked this often. 😅 It’s always the same answer: the #QueenAnthurium #Warocqueanum . I don’t think that’s going to change but show me yours! Just look at that new leaf on the right! It’s bigger than the other one and still growing! Share images of yours!
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One of my favorites is my Calkins Gold. She’s gorgeous and just keeps on growing so fast!
Here she is.
I think my favorite specific plant I own is my first plant ever which is my Monstera. That being said, I've fallen in love with Philp Pluto and now have three of them. I just like the leaf shape and the coloration they have.
Probably my Hoya Pubicalyx 💚 it’s leaves have doubled in size since I bought it. My fingers are crossed for blooms!
@TJphilobsessed that’s gorgeous!
@HoyaAddict Doubled in size? Wow! It looks so healthy!
@tmbryant37 I had to look that up! That Philodendron Pluto has a very insterrsting leaf shape! Monsteras are on my favorites list too! I’ll have to check out the Philo Pluto!

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