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Anyone know what specific type of Jade these are?
Just trying to make my info more soecific.
Well they are beautiful 🀩 I’m unsure, but I’m obsessed with the one in the middle photo. πŸ”₯ and I think my room mate has the one in the third photo.. but still not sure what kind it is. Wish I could be more help.. but they sure are beauts!
#1 if you think this is Crassula then it is probably ⬇️
#2 variegated
The jades are the same, the red is caused by a jade plant getting a lot of direct sunlight or a change in its sunlight or watering frequency. The first to me does not look like a jade to me, but i am not sure what it is. To me, it looks almost like an echeveria that has stretched and lost its lower leaves.
#3 portulacaria afra
@sarahsalith @strawberrymoon that first one is just like mine!
@HpflHeart I just made a post asking about this
#1 looks to me like some type of tree aeonium?
@malobee Walmart had a lot of them, and they were all little tree’s.
@ABCD mini leaf Jade

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