Posted 2Y ago by @NikaBoo

My Monstera adansonii is struggling and I don’t know why....

Can some give me some input on what may hand happened and if it can be salvaged?
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Mine was very fussy at first. Took a few move arounds to find a spot it was happy with (leaves were turning yellow) and also I found new growth turns dark brown and crispy when I don’t water it enough.
If you keep a close eye on it for a week or two watering wise it should pick up from my experience. Just don’t go and drown her πŸ˜‚
Looks like it was overwatered
@VisYn 🀣 I won’t. Thanks so much for the input!
@foliagegirl I thought that at first when I saw the lower leaves yellowing. I clipped those and let more time go by before I watered again then this happened.
@foliagegirl mine was really fussy at first and kept having yellowing leaves. I was expecting it to be quite low maintenance but it’s one of the plants I have to watch closely.
@VisYn I find it as easy to care for as my other monsteras honestly
@foliagegirl the cuttings I’ve taken from my mother plant are actually happy in some of the spots it wasn’t. I’ve now put the other plant somewhere I was certain it would hate and it’s flourishing…
@NikaBoo if you're in winter, you will need to water even less. I noticed yours is also in a north facing window. For the northern hemisphere, this is the direction that gets the least amount of light per day. It will need more light to be able to photosynthesise more so it can have the energy to use the water and nutrients in the soil
@foliagegirl got the winter watering adjustment. Didn’t know that about the north window but I have moved it. Thank you!
@VisYn sometimes plants just have issues based off what is being done to them. Monsteras are very tough plants generally
@VisYn seriously! I have a monstera deliciosa that is THRIVING and is pretty low maintenance. I thought the same for this one 😩
I would also give it better draining soil. The current soil looks water retentive. Try adding 1/3 perlite to your mix!
@NikaBoo you have to be careful with it because the leaves are thinner, which makes it easier to overwater
@foliagegirl will do. It’s the soil it arrived in. I didn’t want to repot it so soon.
@foliagegirl here’s to hoping my baby makes a recovery.
@NikaBoo all the more reason to change it! A lot of suppliers don't put them in the best soil. Sometimes they are even in pots that are far too large for the root systems too, which can easily lead to overwatering and root rot
Also a good reason to repot and check the roots to rule out root rot