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At what night time temperature do y’all bring in you birds nest ferns in? North East Alabama
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 22 hours ago
I bring all my plants in when the nighttime temp goes down to 50. I had to do that this evening because we are supposed to have 44 degrees tonight. Southwest Ohio. This weekend I have to find places for them in the house. They have grown a lot this summer but my house has not!
Plants are good till it’s about low 50s and a chill
@Planthoader @jcPlantProper Yes, I agree entirely. I know Janai is the expert. I never go wrong every year by checking the weather forecast carefully each day. I was surprised this year because it was 93 here on Monday. Then last night 44 was forecast and we had not even had 50s yet at night. I was disappointed too because I usually get to keep my plants out until some time in October and it is not even the last week of September. They are probably 😮 surprised too! “C’mon Mom, it’s nice out here!” I thought maybe I could bring them in then take them out again for awhile, but noooo, forecast is now in the 50’s for every night from now on (at least as far as the next couple weeks in the forecast). Sigh. They are in now until May.
@AC73LoveCats I brought in my Calathea last night. And I guess I have to bring in the rest today!! 😢 all my outside plants have grown tremendously and my sunroom has not indeed! No more plants for me!! 😂 gotta make more room some where
@Planthoader I have the very same problem! Over the weekend I have to find places for all of them. A big job, as I have good windows for light but not all of them can bask in it…..too many of them. My husband made me a shelf and bought a grow light but that is still not enough room.
Do you all do a bug treatment on them when you bring them in?

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