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Repotting an olive tree?
I was given this little olive tree for Christmas but it arrived in really dense clay-like soil that is really slow draining and very heavy. I always thought olive trees should be in fast draining soil, mixed with perlite etc? I’ve bought a bigger pot to pot up in the spring, but should I repot sooner?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Trees really need to be outdoors in full sun to thrive as that is what they get in nature. They can survive short periods indoors, but they will soon lose their leaves if they don't get enough direct light on them
My experience is with other Mediterranean plants but I imagine you’ll want soil that imitates their natural environment. Loamy and we’ll draining.
That looks a lot like a cardboard plant!
@foliagegirl aww…🥺

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