Posted 1M ago by @MissGoon

I need help any suggestions welcome

0ft to light, direct
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hi! I found this, I hope this helps!

Keep it away from the hot sun, and give it bright, filtered light. Try filtering direct sunlight with a sheer curtain if placed near a sunny window. Nerve plants crave medium humidity and grow best when their soil is kept evenly moist. If your nerve plant isn't getting enough water, it will droop dramatically.
Hi, Mak! Welcome to Greg! @elisenavidad is right! Just try to replicate its natural conditions: it grows on the forest floor under the canopy of trees. It doesn't want too much light and it will not do well if the soil dries out. It will faint and although it's interesting, it's not good for the plant. Fainting can quickly lead it dying.

Keeping in mind that it crawls across the forest floor, this plant will spread out and not grow tall. (:
Thanks for the help. The soil was just 2 dry it has perked up.