Posted 1w ago by @leafmealone247

Can someone plz help me save my calathea???
What’s the humidity situation?
@EagerPhlox its around 70
Calatheas need water without any contaminants so if you’re using tap water or even filtered water, the leaves will get fried
@PlantPanda i only use filtered water
Still doesnt filter out all the contaminants. You’ll need distilled or reverse osmosis water. thats why i tend to stay away from calatheas πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
I recommend rinsing the soil to wash out salts. How old is the soil? Does it get direct sun?
@Plantgirl56 the soil is 2 months old and it is in a medium light setting. How do i wash out the soil??
@leafmealone247 you might pull it back from the sun a bit. New soil shouldn’t have accumulated salts. I think it has a bit of sunburn. They have very delicate leaves and don’t like any direct light. Also be sure it isn’t getting over watered. Though they love humidity, they hate having soggy soil
@Plantgirl56 i was checking her foliage and saw SPIDER MITES. what do i do now?

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