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Just pruned leaves with any brown. Hoping #FoundPlant survives
Any advice on found plant? I pruned away leaves with brown and isolated it from my other #InTheWild #BeforeAndAfter #PeaceLily
10ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
Love the name! πŸ‘Œ Is it 23ft from the nearest window?
Oh it’s in my bathroom. No window. Wasn’t sure about bringing a potentially sick plant near my others
@Jackhowa good call to quarantine the #FoundPlant 😊

I think it will likely struggle if left in a windowless room for longer than a week or two. Peace Lily’s do well with humidity, but do also need to be within 3ft or so of a window.

It will have energy saved up from being outside but will get hungry for that β˜€οΈ photosynthesis soon! You can make up for lack of humidity by watering more often, or could make up for lack of light (in bathroom) with a grow light.
Peace lilies are tough plants. Even though you've had to prune it, with the right light and watering, it'll fill out in a few months.
My peace lily is in the same shape. She looks so helpless, but I think she’s gonna pull out of it. She gets about 4 to 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day. I water her according to my water meter.
My peace lily became happiest when I put her in indirect light and gave her access to sexy TV. I dunno. I sacrifice a lot for my plants. Sexy TV started, and the flowers started POPPIN. In my house, peace lily = piece lily.
They can take lower light I have mine about 15feet from my southern window and it’s where it’s happiest
My peace lily is about 8 1/2 feet away from a southwest window. She’s getting light from two different windows. I may move her to help her rehabilitate quicker. I just gave mine a fertilizer about a week ago. It’s by Miracle Gro for indoor plants.
I have mine in a south facing window with plenty of indirect light and water it maybe twice a month. It’s thriving

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