Posted 2w ago by @WillyDee

Does anyone know what “snooze” is? (On the app)
It’s pushing your watering or care tasks off to the next day 💛
@WillyDee it actually puts them off for 3 days when you hit snooze.
Can you just wait until you think it's time to water, & then hit water?
@KikiGoldblatt oh jeez I hit it by accident how can I undo that
@PrimeChinarose I think so ya
@WillyDee no big deal if you hit it by accident! It’s just a way to let the algorithm know that your plant wasn’t in need of watering (as opposed to, you just forgetting to water…). Just clivk the water button next time you water your plant. Greg learns how often you water your plants and adjusts the frequency of the reminders over time. 🙂

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