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How I collect my #PothosWater 🌱💧🔬
Hello #GregGang 👋🏽

Wanted to make a post on how I collect #PothosWater for my propagations and/or watering needs!

✅ Items I use:
•Pothos cuttings rooting in water.
•Glass Jar
•Plastic Water Bottle/Cup/Container
•Anything you can strain with (I use a face mask exfoliation glove thing)

❗️Directions : *See Pictures in Order*

After 10-12 days, I will collect #PothosWater from my #waterpropagation. Do this by simply pushing the stems/leaves to the side and pouring the water into a container, or gently taking the cuttings out and pouring out the water. Place in any container for now.

Take a strainer, mesh, sock, or anything alike and strain the water to remove any gunk! I use a face exfoliation sheet because it fits nicely around a water bottle and #PlantingOnABudget 😉 (already had it).

Pour the water through your straining device and collect water. I do this once or twice to get anything out, but you can do this however many times you’d like!

Ready to use! 🌱💧🔬✅

I use #PothosWater to make more “propagation” water for my props. I place my cuttings in 50/50 Distilled & Golden Pothos Water. I also use this to water all my plants 🌿✨

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!
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Interested in #PothosWater? Read more here! 💧🌿🔬✨

In simple terms, #PothosWater is the water that holds your Pothos cuttings when water propagating. Pothos water is filled with nutrients that can be used to help your plants!

I made tons of posts regarding the science behind a cost-effective, easy way to propagate cuttings at home (with Pothos!):

What is Pothos Water? 💧

Different Types of Pothos Water? 💧

Save Your Pothos Water ❗️
Thank-you for this Dariana! 🤗🌻🐦
@corvidfan Of course!! 😊🌿🔬
You know… I always change my prop water every 3-4 days….ima try to leave it longer and see what happens. I have props coming in this wk so maybe I will test out the difference using them.
Ohh and I had a thought inspired by you today….monster syngonium! Ima search for props of the ones I want and them root them and plant them together 😊 @kscape
@LatiTish84 I used to change my water frequently too, but ever since I left my props in the water a little longer and didn’t disturb them, I’ve seen a difference in root formation and how long they take to root!

These GP cuttings rooted in less than a week and I’m amazed! I also added Golden Pothos water I had collected the week prior to propagating them, so it seems like they may have gotten that extra boost of rooting hormones, but the quickness was what blew my mind!!

Look at these roots! They rooted in less than a week, like a said and they look very healthy and thick!

Also, you read my mind because I had a monster Syngonium idea in mind too!! I just need to find cuttings of ones that would look great together and go from there! 🌿😊
Those look AMAZING. Oh we going to have Monster syngoniums! Let’s gooooo!! 😁 @kscape
@LatiTish84 yesss!! Let me know what cuttings you get so I can get inspired cause you have an eye for GORGEOUS plants 🤩😉
I got you! 😉
Ok😍 @kscape
My niece gave me these clippings last Friday 😍
I used spring water in the tubes
I have to get some distilled water also
Let's see what happens next🤞🏽🌿🌱 #pothoswater #babyrubberplant #heartleafphilodendron #philodendronbrasil #monsteraadansonii
I’ve got my GPH water factory up and running!
@John01 Oh look at that!! Can’t wait to see your results!! Let us know how it goes and tag me!! 🤞🏽🌱🔬💧
@WiseDidelta Updates on the Pothos cuttings? 🤩

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