Posted 3w ago by @ClubbyLichen

Wave petunias
I poured diluted hydrogen peroxide to help with the root rot and now I think this might be seedlings coming through. I want to put more hydrogen peroxide down because I still see insects in the pot 2 days later.
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Hi, i’ve had some issues with root rot before, does diluted hydrogen peroxide really work? If so, would you know if it’s okay to use in cacti? My sister has told me sprinkling cinnamon on the soil helps with root rot so that might help you out some if you weren’t aware!
@aycaramba76 I saw some YouTube videos about using it. Thank you for the tip.My mom told me about garlic water so I might try that next If this fails.
Oh okay, i’ll definitely look it up! I haven’t heard about that trick but i’ll keep that in mind too. Good luck, and you’re welcome!!

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