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I need some ideas πŸ‘€
I have this 5 1/2” bonsai pot that housed a juniper tree that died recently. I really wanted to put both of my string of bananas in it but it’s a glazed terracotta. Do you guys have any ideas on what I can put in it? It’s just so pretty and I want to use it πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
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ANOTHER BONSAI LOL πŸ˜† ummmmm that’s a great question otherwise πŸ€” I wonder what would be ok with that kinda pot in terms of succys
@ShinyBudew I can only keep my ficus bonsai’s alive apparently πŸ₯²πŸ₯² I’m surprised Yin and Yang are still livin after I pruned their roots 🀣
Another bonsai, but not juniper if you're keeping it indoors. Juniper should be grown outdoors.
@Localplantlady pruning roots is good for them keeping their smol shape!!! I have a dwarf unbrella tree bonsai that has done great so far without much maintenance, I have the luxury of having a bonsai shop near me that helped me pick the easiest bonsai I could find πŸ˜‹ but I think if you’re careful about watering, almost anything can probably be ok in that pot
@Localplantlady I have my ficus bonsai in the cery same pot. Maybe a different type ficus bonsai?
I definitely love bonsais and another would be cute, but you could also put some sort of trailing philo!! They grow sideways like this and often that shape of pot is perfect for them.
@AwesomePlants I usually keep any bonsai outside, because I know even tho they’re small, they’re still trees! They get brought in during the winter once it gets down to their minimum temp.

I kinda wanna try my hand at the Desert Rose πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ but I’m still doing research before I buy one!
@ShinyBudew it was definitely time lol. Both were in the same pot for five years. I was just worried I had pruned too much but I took care of the straggly ones and kept the tap roots!
@tango I’ve never seen something like that before! 🀩 that’s so cool! It just grows like that around the pot?
Desert Rose is a good idea!
@RJG if I get one that is vibrant, it would look so pretty with it πŸ₯°
@Localplantlady mine has flowered all summer!
@RJG are desert rose easy to care for?
@AwesomePlants yah but they need full sun to flower
@Localplantlady I'm apparently growing a desert rose from seed! I have no idea what I'm doing any tips would be appreciated @RJG
@angelw1975 did you do another post on this? That's so cool that that's what it is. How old is it?
I used a couple bonsai pots for my crown of thorns and it worked very well. They seem to be happy. And my Hawaiian desert rose. And it’s perfect because they don’t need to be watered very often. They pretty much care for themselves so it’s much harder to kill than a lot of bonsai tend to be. But still has the same cool look
@Localplantlady I’m going to put my baby desert rose in my empty bonsai pot. Desert roses are super easy to care for. Much easier than most bonsai or other plants in general. My desert rose almost doesn’t even need me to take care of it. Plus they always have awesome flowers. I would definitely recommend trying to get a baby desert rose for that pot
Lucky bamboo or maybe your English ivy would look nice 😊
@AwesomePlants they are super easy to care for. They either need a lot of sunlight or to be under a grow light like mine is. Mine actually prefers the grow light. The sunlight is almost too intense here right now. The leaves come out prettier and flawless under the grow light. They get more bleached or spotted under the sunlight sometimes. But it was normally always in direct sun at the nursery without any problems. I just used a good cactus soil and maybe water every two weeks or so and that is it. Other than that the plant doesn’t even need me to care for it. And they always get the coolest flowers. I want one with red and white flowers or something different. Not sure what flowers my baby desert rose will have. That one is always out in the sun and it’s doing great. So either way sunlight or grow light they’ll be happy as long as they get enough like and don’t get too much water. Water is the main thing that can kill them from rot.
@Localplantlady basically!! You can put them on a pole but that’s how most grow in nature. Mine is a philo burgundy princess!! Very easy care, but be careful around direct sun, mine got badly sunburnt. πŸ₯²
@SirLiquorice oh my goodness it’s so cute and small πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸ’™
@Jilliebeanstalk ohhhh I would LOVE to make a monster ivy with my three 🀩 I need a moss pole stat.

I actually have another white glazed terracotta bonsai pot that is about 7in. πŸ‘€
@tango that’s so cool! I’m gonna have to add that as a #wishlistplant 🀩
After due consideration, I feel like the Desert Rose is gonna be the way to go πŸ€£πŸ’™ thank you guys so much!

I don’t really have a good spot for full sun and where I’m located, it might be an inside plant with a grow light because the sun and heat is harsh here.
@angelw1975 wow that’s so cool!!! I haven’t seen one that young and tiny. So far it looks like you’re doing everything right. They like lots of light. Might require slightly more water when young but slow down on watering the bigger and older it gets. Once they get bigger and the fatter wood looking trunk they don’t need water as often. Baby cacti are the same way. They need more water and humidity almost like a tropical plant when young but the same conditions when older would rot then really bad. But you appear to be doing a great job especially from seed!!! That’s impressive. Keep doing what you have been so far. The bigger it gets the less you will have to baby it. Once they are full size you could just let Mother Nature take care of them pretty much.
@Localplantlady yeah the long cheap Walmart grow lights work very well. My desert rose loves those. It said they were good for leafy tree type plants. It definitely grows and blooms very well with these lights and they were very inexpensive for what they are. My 2 foot was $50 and the 4 foot was $80 if I remember right. It has the harsh purple UV light so you don’t want to have your eyes constantly exposed to them however. I keep them in a closet so it doesn’t bother my eyes but I wouldn’t be able to have it just out somewhere with these. The miracle LED bulb is full spectrum without the harsh purple UV so you could also have good results with that. But it loves these purple grow lights. So do my Madagascar palms
@SirLiquorice i have a purple UV double light bar! The plan is once I get my new space for plants done, I’ll have PLENTY of room for a desert rose under the purple lights. Right now it’s just a waiting game. But I’ll keep y’all posted on the desert rose! πŸ’™πŸ’™
You could definitely do string of turtles, my juniper bonsais died as well and I had the same size / type of pot. They have very shallow root systems and can break off if you look at them wrong - but the upside is you just lay that broken strand on the dirt / coiled around on soil and you’ll have more strands growing. It’s like a never ending soil propagation plant. And as it gets full and hanging down turtles look really vibrant and beautiful in that type of planter (especially if you hang them all off the front side and can see the other 3 sides of the bonsai planter) πŸ˜‰
@Localplantlady definitely wanna see that if you do it!!! Keep me posted if you do. White would look amazing with the green!!
@Localplantlady if you have an H‑E‑B in your area I found my baby desert rose there for $5. It was insane how cheap they had it. It’s small but I’ve still never seen one for sale any cheaper than $26.99 and most are $35 or more around here. They can get up to $300 for a big one around here
@Localplantlady this baby desert rose was $5. Going to try and get it to fit in the pot which cost $7.99. Really weird the pot was more than the desert rose.
@SirLiquorice I wish we had an HEB πŸ₯² we only have a Sams and they always have large plants πŸ₯² We do have a nursery that’s about 20 minutes away that has some unique plants but I have yet to find one around here. If I can’t find one, I’ll definitely have to order
@Jilliebeanstalk I will! πŸ’™πŸ’™ it might happen on my next day off or it might wait till next repot season πŸ€£πŸ˜‰ the suspense
@SirLiquorice you sold me for sure my next plant is a desert rose!πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
@Localplantlady love the pot! It does deserve something beautiful 🀩!
@SirLiquorice so I told my husband he could buy me a desert rose for my birthday this month coming up and he said go ahead and order it… 😍😍😍
@FirstCanna awesome!!! Do they have different flower types to choose from? I bought both of mine not knowing what the flower will be. At a couple nurseries in town they have some that do show what the flower will look like and they are harder to find ones but then they will be $35 or more each.
Yes there are different colors and single and double flowers @SirLiquorice this is the one I Picked I love red and pink!
@FirstCanna oooh I want one like that. That’s going to be a good one. I love mine but I would like to have some different colors also for variety. I’m not sure what flower my baby one will have. I still need to put it in the bonsai pot. Hopefully it will fit without too much trouble. Or I can just exchange it for a bigger bonsai pot I guess if I need to.
@Localplantlady yours is absolutely beautiful!

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