Posted 2Y ago by @BeckysBabies

Can my plant be saved?

Got two of these plants as a gift (not sure what species), but this one is starting to look very droopy and wilted. I don't think it will survive :( I already cut off one wilted branch, not sure what to do about it now.
The other twin (Susanne) seems to be doing fine (under the same conditions), so I can't figure out what caused it. Does anyone know at least what type of plant this is?
4” pot
Last watered 2 years ago
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@BeckysBabies it’s looks like a sedum of some sort. You can always propagate the remaining leaves. Just place the remaining leaves in a succulent soil. Here’s how to do it. propagating a sedum stem is as easy as snipping it from the host plant, and removing the lower leaves so that they are not sitting in water. Then, you simply wait for it to develop roots!
Oh wow, that sounds easy! Thanks so much for the information😁
@BeckysBabies you are so very welcome.
I just have to say, your plant's name and your plant's profile picture go PERFECTLY together!
@sarahsalith haha thank you!