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Any ideas on how to reduce the gnat population around these parts? Sticky traps can only so much and they are working over time right now. Ughhhhh
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Get a venus fly trap it will save you a lot of frustration!!
I had one but sadly it didn't last too long. Idk if he over at on his own or what but I know he stayed eating. Also walmart Lowes, home depot aren't taking care of theirs AT ALL It infuriated and sad but not any affordable good selections close by sadly
I really want a honey Dewβ™‘
Bottom water, use mosquito bits or use a gnat barrier.
What exactly is bottom water? Is that where you set the pot in a place or saucer of water for a little bit or are you meaning water closer to the base/roots?
@krunchywrap yes, or if there is a saucer you can add the water to that. You can also put cinnamon on the top of the soil (I kinda of rake mine in with a clean fork) the cinnamon smoothers the gnats.
Oh ok. I did try them cinnamon powder on top layer of soil and it's working OK we just have SO MANY It's unreal I'm keeping plants inside at the moment because the weather goes from nice warm to super super cold once the sun goes down. Now I have more gnats in the house flying in my eyeballs and its driving me bonkers

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